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Sensitivity Training For Managers

Course ID: 230                         Course Length: 1 day(s)


Consider the following scenario: Your organization has been undergoing major changes. As one of the senior managers, you have been closely involved in the planning process. You and the other great minds on your senior management team together have mapped out exactly how these changes will help you meet a strategic goal. The changes are announced . . . and you spend the next week meeting with irate employees. What went wrong? This seminar will help you understand the importance of being sensitive to the basic needs of your employees, if you want to effectively implement a strategy of change.

At the end of the workshop participants should be able to:

  • Understand that people need to be involved
  • Determine how much information people need
  • Allow time for employees to grieve a loss
  • Show compassion and understanding to those who
    suffer as a result of the change
  • Know how to protect employee’s privacy when the
    outcome of the change will result in a real or perceived
    negative impact on the employee’s job


  • Keeping people informed
  • The basics of sensitivity training
  • Learning to listen to your employees
  • Understanding the normal stages of grief
  • Explaining the long-term goal and asking for feedback
  • Balancing sensitivity to people’s needs with the goals
    of the organization
  • Handling disgruntled employees, lower morale, lower
    productivity, grievances, and lawsuits

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